Wanderlusting - The Kodai way!

Three friends (all from different locations), one destination (a lot nearer to me than them), lots of planning (I am a newbie wanderlust-er) and loads of luggage (to pack up all the memories, you see). Hansa, Ananya and I, we boarded the bus on 30 th Sep to Kodai(kanal)! The bus that was supposed to take us to our destination had proper beds man! Ananya and I got super excited just by the look of it and thus started our photo shoot with the train berth like beds. Ready, bed, go! Posing mode on! With around 57 hairpin bends to Kodai, I couldn’t sleep much. Perks of being a light sleeper! At about 6.30 am I woke up to see a giant waterfall cascading through the hills leaving me speechless. We had indeed reached a hill station! After getting down from the bus we boarded a taxi for our next set of travel to Vattakanal, where we had booked our hostel. I could feel the chill on my skin, hence making me realize that it’s time to take out the jackets. T

Shillong : my soul place

Shillong always has that special place in my heart. Every time I even hear its name, my eyes sparkle and I move back in time, to the place with the bluest of the blue skies where I grew up to understand life before moving out to other places. Going there now is like living a dream.  This sleepy little town of North East India has given me my first memories that though feels like a dream now, but are so real and solid. Reminiscing about my childhood in Shillong can fill volumes for sure and I'd still not be satiated.. I remember walking up and downhill the streets of this town in the mornings holding Koka's (grandpa) hand while he took me to my playschool (Brookside Adventist school) and I was always late and while coming back he always bought me a corncob which I ate with so much fascination... I remember him asking me about my day and most importantly if I had finished my tiffin coz otherwise Aaita (grandma) would scold us both. I remember, at 3 years, my class with some f

Beginning of the backpacker girls

Rachel: So now, do you guys have big plans? Frank Jr: Ya, I was thinking maybe go down to Times Square and pick up some Ninja Stars. Oh, and my friend Larry, he wants me to take a picture of a hooker. Chandler ( to Joey): You know, we don't really take advantage of living in the city.                                    ~ --------------- ~ When the comforts of the regularity hit you, you start to find even the mundane office place, work route, shopping groceries, the coffee place nearby your house and mostly your bed as the comfiest space. Little do we want to get out of that cozy world of ours that we have carved for ourselves and step out to get a bit sweaty, walk to a certain location or even get lost while finding a place in our own cities. I can assure that even some (not all) of the readers who are reading this piece must be wondering right now that how many places have they seen in their own city? As a local, we always tend to ignore such places th

A Lone Travel to my Liberated Soul

Sitting in the waiting lounge at around 4.30am on a chilly January morning I was indecisive whether to put that extra jacket that my aunt had me wrap around myself with me or tuck it back inside my hand luggage. The flight was scheduled to take off to Delhi around 6 am and I was anxiously waiting for the announcements, even if I was majorly sleep deprived. I was badly craving for a cup of coffee but was also thankful that the kiosks were still to be opened, because, face it, when you have to get up at 3 in the morning and run for the airport, your body cycle refuses to make that shit and you lose the battle by just passing air and making a little bit of pee that is left in your system; and I don't know about others, but by gulping down coffee that would have otherwise woken me up I would have invited the unnecessary worry of running to the washroom leaving my things lying unattended in the lobby. And I wasn't ready for that.   I generally like sitting at the airpor


There comes a time for you when you are in a crisis for no reason. Well, maybe you created that situation yourself, but accept it that you do not want to accept it. Things that were supposed to change, didn’t. Tasks that you wanted to finish, you couldn’t. Things that you should be doing, you aren’t. We hoped for a lot while we were carving that life chart for ourselves in the bark of that metaphorical tree of our existence but we are content with a lot less and we don’t even want to strive anymore (well, some of us at least). We are definitely unhappy about it but we will still push it further back and happily procrastinate. Things that were so important to achieve a few years ago have left the premises of our life. Things we wanted to acquire by this time have been shoved a few more years ahead. It’s okay, we’ll get there someday. By this time when we had imagined to have achieved the momentum of greatness we actually lost a few very good friends, gone through a phase

The Midst..

...She never enjoyed bike rides. No matter how much he tried to convince her that it's fun when you let go off your fears. He almost fought with her when she preferred moving in cabs over sitting behind him. Sara knew that Jatin loved his bike. And she had agreed to sit as his pillion only because she loved him. She really disliked the air hitting her face and messing up her hair, or the uncomfortable seat, or the fact that it was so open that it scared her wits out when he used to increase the speed even a bit. The only reason she sat behind him was because it was Jatin, the man she loved. Bike rides were never fun, it was holding him, putting her forehead on the back of his shoulder or even hearing him talk loud battling the winds. When he told her the main purpose of buying a bike was that it would make Jatin meeting her easier; she didn't believe him even one percent. Actually, she didn't want to. She was scared of the closeness. She was phobic of this love that was c

The End.

“Don’t be too late”, his texting app pinged again. “I know babe, I know you hate people being late.. I won't be”, he replied back and locked his phone. Kicking his bike’s ignition, the engine revved up to life. Driving towards that cafe wasn’t making him happy today. He wished the road never ended towards that 10 minutes bike ride. Driving in just 40km/hr felt like going in about a 100 today. He hoped for a heavy traffic even though he didn’t want her to keep waiting. His heart was overpowering his mind today. Parking his bike on the side of the road he walked inside with a heavy heart and even heavier footsteps. There she was; sitting on that chair besides the tinted glass. The evening hue falling on her face had lit up her dark brown eyes. He wished he carried his camera, so that he could frame the warm light falling on her face forever. He looked for her glasses; the ones she always wore. Broad, brown frames that nearly covered her whole face. They were kept neatly asid